Schools across the country brought it and made us all proud. But one school has risen to the top. One school has proven to the nation they’re unstoppable, unbeatable, and Undeniable. First Presbyterian Christian Academy looked into the face of our challenges and said, “What else you got?” And it’s that attitude that earned them $140,000 worth of the most innovative uniforms, apparel, footwear and accessories on the planet to outfit their athletic teams.

Undeniable Champion

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Finding Undeniable 2013

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The Playoffs

Schools must complete a new video challenge each round. The school with the best video will move on. The final round winner will be determined by your votes. *Click on a school to visit their profile page.

Championship of Undeniable

The Final Challenge

Create an original 1 minute video explaining why your school is Undeniable and deserves to win this competition. Tell us your story. Make it Epic.

Fab Four Challenge

Your Undeniable POV

Your school has those beast workouts. The kind of workouts that freshman have heard about but hoped weren’t true. We want to experience those monster sessions right along with you. Use the camera we're sending you to document a week of blood, sweat, tears and glory from the point of view of your athletes. Crush it. Power through wind sprints. Crash into the boards for layup after layup. Annihilate the sleds on the football field. Take on that 300th power jump squat. Make a 2min video and show the world what it means to be an Undeniable athlete at your school.

> Needham Broughton High School
> Brick Township High School
> Berkeley High School
> First Presbyterian Christian Academy


Make a 2min video that shows us how you can get the entire school, town and community ravenous for a win. Do something epic. Do something legendary. Take it to the streets. Get all Friday Night Lights on us. Get your community even more hyped up about your teams. Show how they “Protect This House.” The more passion, the more pride, the better chance your school has of moving to the next round. So give it all you've got—and then give some more. Video must be uploaded by 9am ET on Monday December 3rd 2012.

> Alton High School
> Vista Murrieta High School
> Oakcrest High School
> South Kent School
> Brick Township High School
> Berkeley High School
> First Presbyterian Christian Academy
> Needham Broughton High School